Update (April 27):

Wow! Once again we’ve received an astonishing number of applications. Thank you all for your interest in the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics. The 2020 application form will be available mid December.

As of April 27th, we are no longer accepting new applications for the 2019 Summer Studies. If you have already submitted an application (or are in the process of doing so), you still have a chance to finish and submit your Interesting Test. For everyone else, we hope that you’ll apply next year — Check back on this page mid December!

The 48th session of the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics will happen June 28 – August 8, 2020. Applying is fast, free, fun, obligationless, and doable on line even while other options are being considered; not applying unnecessarily closes doors, means not seeing the Interesting Test, and may cause drowsiness and boredom.

Ready to apply to HCSSiM?

Before you do, it’s probably a good idea to check with your parents.

Did you do that? Awesome.

There is no official deadline for student applications, and decisions are made on a rolling basis. We typically have run out of spaces by early June — in fact, last year we ran out of spaces in mid April! To be safe, apply early.

If you are looking for a job application, you’re on the wrong page.

The Getting-to-Know-Each-Other (“Application”) Process

  1. Fill out the the application form (below this paragraph). This will require that you write a letter that includes an indication of your reasons for thinking that spending 8 hours a day doing math during the summer is a reasonable thing to do. You will also be asked to name a sponsor, who should be someone who knows you in a mathematical context and who is willing to write a letter of recommendation in support of your application.
  2. Late March (assuming you followed Step 1) you’ll get an email with the 2020 Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics Interesting Test attached. If you don’t, please send an email.
  3. Enjoy the IT.
  4. You then have two options:
    • You can scan your work, and email it to us. We get lots of of applications, so please be sure to put your name, the date, and the word “IT” in the subject line and on each and every attachment.
    • You can mail it back to us at the address below:
      Professor David C. Kelly
      HCSSiM, Box NS
      Hampshire College
      893 West St.
      Amherst, MA 01002-3359