Student Testimonials

Kind Words from Recent Alumni:

HCSSiM has been a great and memorable experience. It has helped me build new skills and make connections with people that will last through my life. The program showed me a new way of learning mathematics that was not focused on memorizing facts but on exploration and discovery. I had a blast simulating real research and “eureka” moments with all my peers. HCSSiM is an experience that any math enthusiast should have and it has given me a new reason to wish that summer never ended.

— Yanees ’16


“How well did you do on the AIME?” asked someone who I had just recently met. I had recently told him that I enjoyed mathematics, and was planning on attending a six-week summer studies dedicated to it. I hate this question. Not because I didn’t do well on the AIME, but because I had never qualified for it. Test scores have become a standard way of measuring how “good” you are at math, and it seems impossible to avoid.

In fact, the only place in the world where nobody cares about how much math you know is a summer program in mathematics located in Massachusetts (No, it’s not located in New Hampshire). Instead, they care about how much math you can learn. But most of the time, nobody even cares about that. HCSSiM cares about whether you can write eloquent articles for the program journal, or shoot a 3-pointer on the basketball court. Whether you can catch a “blue 90” (our code for Hail Mary frisbee pass), or take an 18th supply center in a game of Diplomacy. Whether you can eat three plates worth of corn dogs, or unicycle upside-down on a helicopter juggling tomatoes with a monkey (this has never been tried before).

It’s not difficult to fit in at HCSSiM. You don’t even have to be “good” at math. It’s really about whether you want to have fun being wacky with friends — and still be on time for Prime Time Theorem at 17 o’clock. I’ll be honest and say that I was worried about not getting my summer tan, but I think you’ll find yourself hard pressed to find a better tan(x) anywhere else.

— Jorge ’16


As someone who initially preferred to learn and solve problems independently, I was thrown aback by the synergetic nature of HCSSiM. However, by the end of the program, my view had drastically changed. HCSSiM showed me the importance of collaboration in mathematics, and provided me with friends that have taught me some of the most interesting mathematical concepts. The friends I made at HCSSiM all brought unique perspectives to the table, and helped me broaden my horizons by teaching me about fields in mathematics that I never really considered. Everyone at HCSSiM was so different yet so similar: we all had diverse backgrounds yet we all loved mathematics just as much as each other. I shall definitely treasure my experience at HCSSiM, as it was undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

— Shawn ’16