Yellow Pigs Day

Yellow Pigs Day

This year, YP Day will be held on July 17th. As always, we

Things are a little different this year! In honor of a Gregorian year congruent to 17 mod 100, we will be holding the Very Second Yellow Pig Math Days conference, a weeklong celebration of mathematics, yellow pigs, alumni, the number seventeen, and the history of HCSSiM. Those of you who attended in 2006 know, roughly, the deal. Learn more at the YPMD II page.


There are a lot of ways to get to us including, but not limited to, walking, flying, training, jump-roping, driving, and skydiving. If you choose one of these methods of transportation, hopefully the following information will be helpful.

See you there.

About Yellow Pigs Day (July 17)

Yellow Pigs Day is an annual celebration associated primarily with the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics, a summer program in math for talented high school students. We use it as an excuse to gather up five decades of alumni for cake and Yellow Pig Carols. But it’s also a celebration of a certain approach to the doing and learning of mathematics, where joy, humor, and interestingness take the place of formulas, drills, and multiple-choice tests. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to show off how much you know about the number 17.

YP Day is also celebrated around the world by other groups of people: satellite cake-and-carols parties pop up in locations with a nontrivial alumn density, like other summer programs Mathcamp, PROMYS, Ross, or undergraduate institutions like MIT, U Chicago, and Stanford. This 1982 article from the Crimson describes a campus strewn with seventeens… those were the days.

A small Internet subculture of bloggers-interested-in-odd-holidays has recently learned about Yellow Pigs Day, and there’s evidence that non-mathematicians are now celebrating along with us — at least for the cake. Be careful learning about YP Day from these sources, as scarcity of information has led to speculation and fabrication in re who we are and what we do. If you want to learn more, you can get it straight from the pig’s mouth.

Furthermore, be careful of yellow-pig-branded apparel and sundries. Robots, the unscrupulous, and unscrupulous robots scrape the web to take our images and logos and sell them on mugs and pencil cases through sites like Zazzle and CafePress. We do not see a cent of those profits, and we’d much prefer you make your own Yellow Pig Shirt like we do. If you’re looking for a way to ensure that Yellow Pigs Day will always be there, please give a gift to HCSSiM. We appreciate it loads.

*not Yellow “Pig” Day — if you’ve seen Kelly’s collection, you know that the plural is more than appropriate