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Official Sites

HCSSiM has an official Facebook page, as well as a Facebook group where alumni and friends can keep in touch and share YP sightings. We’re dipping our toes in the Twitter puddle, too, but that account is not as active as our Facebook.

Alumni on the Web

Plenty of alumni have their own notable internet presences. Here are a few:

mathbabe (Cathy O’Neil)

Cathy investigates social issues from a quantitative perspective; “she hopes to someday have a better answer to the question, ‘what can a non-academic mathematician do that makes the world a better place?'”

Mathematical Enchantments (Jim Propp)

Long-form monthly musings on mathematics and its nature. Notable posts touch topics like finite geometry and paintball, a “Pedagogy of Discomfort,” lotteries, and Ramanujan.

Loren on the Art of MATLAB (Loren Shure)

Loren blogs regularly about programming and development in MATLAB, as well as related issues.

Math For Love (Dan Finkel) 

Dan develops joyful math curricula and professional development programs, hoping to “give everyone the chance to fall in love with mathematics.”

The Anagrammy Awards (Rosie Perera)

Rosie is a moderator of and contributor to the Internet’s foremost anagramming community.

On Teaching and Learning Mathematics (Art Duval)

Art is a contributing editor of this popular AMS education blog.

Lisa Randall tweets,

and dozens of thousands follow her. That’s likely because she’s written several very popular books.

noam.com (Noam Freedman)

The Senior VP at distributed-computing giant Akamai has some things to say “on travel, restaurants, recipes, poker, et cetera.”