About Hampshire College (And Directions To Get Here)

Hampshire College’s Campus

Hampshire College is an accredited, not-for-profit liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts*. It enrolls about 1,400 students and employs over 100 faculty. Hampshire is unconventional among colleges in many ways, perhaps most notably in that students design their own courses of study instead of relying on prefab majors or specialties.

The College is located on 550 acres of former (and current!) farmland in the rolling hills of the Pioneer Valley. Students get to explore this campus extensively, including its gardens, sculptures, rec fields, and cultural edifices like the Yiddish Book Center and the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Parents don’t get as much time, so they’re encouraged to enjoy the campus and its views of the nearby Holyoke Range at dropoff time.


There are a lot of ways to get to us including, but not limited to, walking, flying, training, jump-roping, driving, and skydiving. If you choose one of these methods of transportation, hopefully the following information will be helpful.

Students are often able to carpool to get to and from those transportation hubs that staff cannot; we can help you arrange this. More details about transportation will be available by email toward the end of the getting-to-know-you process.

* Our neighboring institutions in the “Five Colleges Area“: Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst Colleges, and the University of Massachusetts — are lovely places but they are not us. It’s easy, especially, to confuse “Is in Amherst” with “Is Amherst College” or “Is UMass Amherst.” Also, HC is in Massachusetts’s Hampshire County, unaffiliated with the neighboring state of New Hampshire.