Keeping in Touch

Talk to Us!

The Summer Studies has an extensive* alumn** network which can be leveraged for things like

  • learning which classes are easy As,
  • seeking a competent juggling coach
  • finding safehouses while on the run from justice, and
  • investigating the viability of the Watts-Strogatz random graph model.

We love to hear from you, and are always looking for the most up-to-date contact info we can get. Please send an email at the contact page, so we can stay in touch.

Meet Us Again!

HCSSiM hosts two opportunities every year for alumni to get together: one is a breakfast held during the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January, and the other is our annual celebration of Yellow Pigs Day on July 17th. Your RSVP is appreciated to both, as both involve food and one potentially involves putting you up for the night.

*Almost fifty summers’ worth

**You may have noticed by now that those responsible for the writing of content on this website are partial to the gender-neutral neologism alumn to describe a single veteran of the program. The alternative spelling alum reminds us too strongly of hydrated potassium alumin(i)um sulfate. Acceptable plurals include alumni and alumns, but not alumnices.