Finances and Financial Aid

The cost of the Summer Studies is $4913 per student. This fee covers tuition, room, and 3 meals a day for six weeks as well as a recreation fee. This does not include personal expenses or travel costs to and from the program. You will notice, after doing a little comparison shopping, that our fee is modest compared to other programs — and few of them are six weeks long.

We offer financial aid, with all decisions based on need. Financial concerns should not discourage applications, and we will not let money issues prevent a student from accepting an invitation.  Financial decisions are confidential and will not influence the selection of participants. If you would like to consider financial aid, check the “Yes, Please” box on the application form; if you are invited, we’ll send you a(n) FA form immediately.

We depend on support from friends and alumni to keep HCSSiM affordable for every student, and occasional grants help in that task. We encourage individual students to apply for third-party grants and scholarships to help out their family. Some of these include: