Parent Testimonials

Satisfied Parents

HCSSIM is the perfect place for brainy kids who think in math but who also want to have a well rounded, humor filled summer. After many years of ‘okay’ camps with moderately high price tags, we finally feel like our money was incredibly well spent. HCSSIM was the first time that our son met other kids like him. He was challenged every day, never bored, excited about what comes next. He returned home more than 17% better at math, probably at least 68% more focused, and even with a tiny 3 day break until his regular school starts, he remains excited about what comes next. Our expectations were impossibly high (both parents and child), but HCSSIM exceeded those expectations. Thanks for lighting the spark!

– parent of a student in the 2018 program



I would like to thank you again for the opportunity that you have offered to my son to attend the HCSSiM.

He has attended other mathematical camps and programs in the past, and by far he likes the HCSSiM experience the best. When he was back home, he told us that he was so sad that HCSSiM was over.

As an educator myself, I always wonder what education approach will generate interests from students, especially on teaching hard subjects with a lot of abstractions. My son told me that he really enjoys the “collaborative learning” aspect of the program. Maybe that is the key. I am a bit amazed that kids across three different levels (8-11 grade) can learn the same high level subjects together. He told me it was not a problem. I also took a look at some of the typed journals and notes he prepared for the different lectures and activities. I have to say that this is a fantastic training you provided!

Thank you again for running a successful summer math program, for so many years I should add. My husband and I were a bit concerned earlier whether he will be bored staying at a place that is far away from major cities. It turns out that he was very fulfilled and loved the program. We will definitely recommend your program to others.

-Parent of a student in the 2018 program