Program Activities

Other Program Activities

There are lots of organized activities we do that are not mathematics. Here are some of the of the common activities.

An Approximate Calendar

The program is different every year (is that tautological?). Nonetheless, after fifty-odd summers, we tend to have a rough idea of what happens when.

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
Week 1 Getting to know you! Workshops begin Math Movies! Class ends early: special activity
Week 2 Hike the Holyoke Ridge! Pizza, Puzzles, Pooches at Kelly’s house. ^Ditto ^Etc.
Week 3 Etc. Boston for the day
Week 4 Sleep First day of maxis and minis Etc. resumes
Week 5 Sleeep Pizza, Puzzles, Pooches at Kelly’s house. Second Half of the Second Half begins: new minis!
Week 6 Sleeeep Wake up, please. A showcase of our talents? The program diffuses

Requests for late arrival to the program or early departure will be passionately negotiated against by Kelly; nonetheless, we encourage you to still contact us and work things out —  we understand that life exists beyond Hampshire (and that it’s not often as accommodating to young mathematicians).