YPMD III will happen July 15th – July 18th 2023.

You probably remember having left Hampshire College during one of the past 51 Augustses believing, correctly, we believe,  that you had forged one or more lifelong friendships. Please confirm our beliefs by sending seasonal wishes for joy to one or more of those friends, along with the hope that you’ll see them at

Yellow Pig Math Days III, July 15, 16, 17, and 18, 17*7*17.

There will be wonderful HCSSiM alums from many—let’s make it all—Hampshire summers; and you’ve had fun thinking, playing, doing math, and sharing some life-changing experiences with them.

A lively YPMDIII website will soon (January) announce exciting activities and speakers, ask for contributed talks, program a concert, and request registrations. We’ll also do some looking forward to the next heptadecades.

In the meantime (approximately NOW) please go to the 0-commitment-interest-indicating form here. Estimated probabilities are fine and suggestions are welcome. 

We need plausible attendance predictions to reserve rooms (on and off campus), to plan meals and budgets, and to seek foundation and corporate support for honoraria, travel expenses, financial aid, coffee breaks, a meal or two, a conference compendium, filming, swag,.. (Are you or do you know a possible source for such support?)

We hope to see you then.

Check back frequently as we will continue to post updates to this page.