YPMD III July 14–18, 7 * 17 * 17

We will be frequently updating this site. Check back often as more information is available.

Recently updated: Schedule for YPMD III.


Yellow Pig Math Days III, July 15, 16, 17, 18, (7)(17)(17) needs you.

As always, financial aid is available. (Thanks, Yellow Pig Math Foundation; thanks, donors.)  You can also visit YPMD III’s webpage https://hcssim.org/ypmd-iii/.

You’ll not find many people at other reunions with as many shared memories as we enjoy. Remember that friendships forged at the Summer Studies are for life.

Encourage a nonempty subset of your HCSSiM friends (or alumns you’ve always wanted to meet) to join you on the campus where-it-happened for this (once in a 28.9-decade) celebration. Please. Real soon (= c. now).  

Look forward to joining a Problem Session with students of the 51st Summer Studies, to enjoying Prime Time Theorems and other (math and non) presentations, to visiting the Yellow Pig Museum and 17 Board, to singing YP Carols, to hearing about The Mathematical and Social History of 17 (again), to touring the world’s17th certified Living Building, to screenings of The Kakeya Problem and Dance Squared, to petting ‘Pollo, to previewing (and possibly participating in) a documentary about HCSSiM, to eating with friends at Saga, to an ice-cream truck, to contradancing at the Red Barn, and to helping plan HCSSiM’s next triheptadecade.  What will you share?

Lots of other good things are happening at Hampshire. We’re emerging from the 2019 existential crisis nicely: Ken Burns is keeping a capital fund drive on target, faculty and students are excited in ways that feel like the early 1970s (when HCSSiM was also new), and a full Fall ’23 entering class have committed to Hampshire. HCSSiM has the strong support of Hampshire’s new president and treasurer. 

On the other hand, most of Hampshire’s institutional memory has gone; and the 48th and 49th programs were virtual. As a result we have to reintroduce the Summer Studies, Hampshire’s oldest program, and me, Hampshire’s longest serving (and probably oldest) employee, to the people in Admissions, Business, Advancement, Publicity, Dean, Dean, Dean, Alumnae/i, Special Events, Library, IT, Pub Safety, Physical Plant, and other HC Offices. And we’ve not been able to draw upon College staff who know the Summer Studies or who have experience handling reunion conferences.

We’re way behind in knowing who will be celebrating Yellow Pig Math Days III (and some of the Offices of the (O-) paragraph above claim to need counts by last week).

If you are looking for a rideshare or have room to offer rides to YPMD you can do so here.

In the past, HCSSiM has had few deadlines (we once admitted a student on Opening Day); and I’ve held the directorial reins loosely. We typically don’t know who is going to show up for YP Day until they do. The people, programs, online community, breakfasts, and other reunions have been wonderful, and those who’ve already registered guarantee that YPMD III will be a rich, rewarding, and fun event. 

Give me until almost the next 17th, please, for an actual (approximation) to a (proposed) YPMD III schedule; I’ll also share initial thoughts on possible post-Kelly HCSSiM administration formats, and share information about new national initiatives for summer math programs.


Kelly, Amber, Susan

PS  Here’s a job announcement for someone to lead grant making to math enrichment programs