You can look forward to many exciting events at YPMD III, including an ice cream social, a contra dance, the Yellow Pig Museum and 17 Board, and many shared times with alumni.

Plenary speakers will include Other Speakers include Hanna Mularczyk, Dan Ullman, Sarah Trebat-Leder, Elizabeth Fischer, Ed Scheinermann, Milo Brandt, PJ Karafiol, Rafael Saavedra, Morgan Kelly, David DesJardins, Nate Harman, Jim Propp, David Tu, Andy Soffer, Steven Miller, Jessie Feng, Dan Loeb, Japheth Wood, and more!

For full details, please see the drop-down schedule below.
Friday 7/14/23
  • Meals on your own
  • 3:00pm – 10:00pm, Registration open at Merrill
  • 4:34pm, Prime Time Theorem, Kelly, Sex and the Single Statistician
  • 7:17pm – 10:17pm, Join HCSSiM 2023 in Seventeen 17 Problems
Saturday 7/15/23
  • 9am – 5pm, Registration outside Merrill
  • 10am, Welcome Plenary, Josh Greene, The Square Pig Problem
  • 11:17am – 12:34pm, Alumni in the Sciences Session
  • 12:30pm – 1:17pm, Lunch
  • 1:34pm, Opening Reception for The Yellow Pig Museum and 17 Board in the Library Gallery
  • 2:51pm – 4:17pm, Math Potpourri Session
  • 4:34pm – 5:34pm, Plenary, Ravi Boppana
  • 5:34pm – 6:17pm, Dinner Saga
  • 7:17pm, Math Movie night, including a preview of the upcoming YP Documentary, Kakeya Problem and Rolling Polygons made by HCSSiM, and National Filmboard of Canada fan favorites!
Sunday 7/16/23
  • 9am-5pm, Registration FPH
  • 10am, Plenary, Lisa Randall, Out to Catch a Plane
  • 11:17am – 12:34pm, Alumni Outside Academia Session
  • 12:34pm – 1:17pm, Lunch
  • 1:17pm – 2:34pm, Alumni v Students Frisbee Game
  • 2:34pm – 4:34pm, More Math! Session
  • 2:51pm – 4:17pm, Math Intersections Session
  • 4:34pm – 5:34pm, Plenary, Bjorn Poonen
  • 5:34pm – 6:17pm, Dinner Saga
  • 7pm, Contra Dance in the Red Barn
Monday 7/17/23 Yellow pigs day
  • Registration 8:30am – 2:00pm Merrill
  • Morning – Your Preference: E.g.: sit in on a Maxi’s first day, hike to the first vantage point (= Bare Mountain) of the Holyoke Range, visit Kelly and Al’s new (≥ 11/17/2008) house (across the street from Atkins), tour the Kern Center, …
  • 12:34pm – 1:17pm, Lunch at Saga
  • 1:34pm – 2:34pm, Math Puzzles Session
  • 3pm, Ice Cream Social featuring Bart’s Ice Cream from Amherst
  • 4pm Kelly, The Mathematical and Social History of 17
  • 6:34pm, Alumni banquet Red Barn
  • 9:34pm, Yellow pig cake & carols (you’re welcome to join problem sets until then)
Tuesday 7/18/23
  • 10am, Panel discussion “The future of HCSSiM” There will be a zoom option for those unable to attend.
  • 12pm, Conclusion, goodbyes, thank you for coming. Hope to see you at a future YP Day!
Other activities that will or may be scheduled
  • Let’s go to the Moan and Dove and play backgammon 10:17 pm – ?
  • Repair your YP T-shirt or make a new one
  • Sunrise Hike