Yellow Pig Math Days 2017

Yellow Pig Math Days II

Kelly poses next to YP cake

July 14 – July 17, 2017
Hampshire College in Amherst, MA

In lieu of our typical YP Day festivities this year, we will be holding the second Yellow Pig Math Days to celebrate the year 2017. YPMD I, in 2006 = 1700 + 289 + 17, was a grand success that attracted c.102 participants. Attendees can look forward to being in the company of warm, witty, and wonderful people who cherish sharing math. Workshops and seminars will be held, YPs will be displayed, and carols will be sung.

July 1st Update:

Yellow Pig Math Days II will happen Fri, July 14 – Mon, July 17, 2017 and it NEEDS YOUR HELP.

Please let us know RIGHT AWAY on this form

  • When, who, how many, will be coming;
  • Which nights you’ll want dorm room(s), and
  • Which meals we can plan on your having.

After providing room and meal counts,

Please let us know:

  1. What talk you would like to give;
  2. What activity you would like to lead;
  3. What you would like to see or join.

An unfortunate consequence of a stressful spring is that YPMD II will be treated as an “outside event”. This means that costs will be high and we need to know immediately (as in a couple of weeks ago) how many people will be staying on campus (all local hotels are filled in a non-Hilbert way) each night; and we need meals counts.


A $51 registration fee will cover

  • pins, pens, …
  • snacks
  • a corn-and-X Sunday supper at Kelly’s house, and the
  • yellow pig cake.

$31.25 / night is the cost of a dorm room (all singles) and local hotels are full in a non-Hilbert way. Have friends in the area? Have friends with couches?

Meals in the Dining Commons are
B: $7.25,
L: $10,
D: $11.75.

Checks for YPMD II can be made out to the Yellow Pig Math Foundation.

Sample events

We’re waiting for your talk titles, activity suggestions, and…


PTT (in the Recital Hall)

6:00 Supper

7:17 – 10:17  Open Problem Session – with the students and staff of the 45th session of the HCSSiM in the new, super-green, Kern Center, 17 Kendall Drive


8:30 – 10:30  Workshops on the 3rd floor of the Cole Science Center

all day:  The YELLOW PIG MUSEUM and 17 BOARD  on the 3rd floor of the Cole Science Center

11:00  Welcome and talk

12:30  Lunch

1:17   Talk

2:30 – 3:30                  Swimming

4:00 – 6:00                  Sessions

6:00  Supper

7:30  Math Movies

8:30  Some HCSSiM MUSIC


Noon: Former HC president Greg Prince has offered to host alums at a “Future of HCSSiM” luncheon off-campus on Sunday, 7/16.
[When the NSF terminated Young Scholars Programs and alum support was hypothetical, Greg gave the Summer Studies a lease on life saying that we could “lose $40,000 once”.]

6:00: Corn – and – X  Supper at Kelly’s house

7:34 in the Main Lecture Hall of Franklin Patterson

                  The Mathematical and Social History of 17

followed by

                  Yellow Pigs Day Cake

Yellow Pigs Eve CAROLS